This episodes highlights the long and ongoing tradition of Caoimhe not being able to pronounce anything correctly.

The episode starts off with capital punishment including attempts to burn someone to death. That lasts up until about 06:00.

Urination features at 14:35 and 15:05.

Discussions of caffeine withdrawal and sensory overload lead to jokes about cannibalism between 7:30 and 9:35.

We had trouble staying on topic during this recording. If you think the tangent we go on about Irish at the end is rambling you should hear everything I edited out.

This was recorded a couple of weeks ago. Coming back to it to edit and upload it, especially in light of current events, we touch on the idea of colonialism in Ireland and this topic is often used to dismiss both historical and current suffering of minorities in the United States, in Ireland, and elsewhere. The Irish slave myth is just that: a myth. Black lives matter and the suffering of black people shouldn’t be ignored. I’m sorry for not having this statement in the actual episode itself. I’ll add one to the start of the next episode.